Homemade Laundry Detergent

That's right...I am talking about making your own laundry detergent!  Why?  Well for one reason, detergent is expensive!  For another reason, I like the idea of increasingly becoming more self- sufficient even in simple ways- such as making my own detergent.  Today, after working my 8-5, I rushed home to do my experiment.  I purchased the 4 ingredients required for the recipe I used: Borax, Washing Soda (sodium carbonate- I found it in the pool maintenance area of Home Depot), a bar of soap (I used Kirk's Original Coco Castille because I can count its ingredients on one hand), and a 5 gallon bucket.  Actually, I was given the bucket for free from a local grocery store's bakery.  The total bill came out to about $18 and can make enough detergent for over a YEAR for a couple!  My project only took me about 30 minutes total (shopping and preparation included).

Now, before you start giving me credit for my ingenuity and cleverness, I must divulge my source: The Simple Dollar Blog.  If you click the hyper link it will take you straight to the step by step article on how to make your own detergent and it even includes pictures.  Since the recipe is written out so well there, I will not include it in this post.

What I love about little projects like this is its inexpensive, simple to do at home, and gives me the ability to reduce cost and increase knowledge about the products I use everyday.  With time, I plan to try more DIY projects at home like making my own soap, candles, and even cleaning solutions for around the house.  If my concoction is a success, I will not only save "loads" of money, but feel a little bit of pride each time I go to do the mundane task of washing clothes.

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