Sometimes it can be really difficult to take time for oneself to really relax and replenish.  Over the past few months (since grad school) I've made this a priority for me because of the intense lifestyle I led while in school.  I was working full time and pursuing an MBA part time at a campus that was over an hour from my house.  The idea of resting sounded great, but when? When I finished school I made a promise to myself to focus on me and on finding balance in my life.

Initially, when I tried to move away from my overstimulated and overbooked schedule I felt bored and unproductive (which does not replenish ones soul, in case you were wondering).  I decided to just experience those feelings and try to move through them with time.  It was almost an experiment that I conducted on myself.  If over time I still felt bored and unproductive, thus less positive about myself, then I would pick up my busy schedule again.  But, if the feelings dissolved, I would continue focusing on replenishing myself.  To no surprise, the feelings dissolved after a couple of weeks and I found myself really being able to enjoy my experiences.  I hadn't realized it before then, but I was so depleted that I didn't even sleep well at night (even though it was the same number of hours of sleep). I didn't enjoy my time and conversations with family and friends as much.  I dreaded having social events because it was another thing I had to do.  These feelings were subconscious and weren't really evident to me until I stopped and slowed down.  I wonder, now, how many wonderful things did I miss out on by being so mentally and emotionally tired for such a long time.  How often was I not available emotionally or mentally for a friend or family member?  

Whats frightening to me is that this chronic fatigue is culturally accepted and propagated.  

So, why did I name this post Sunday?  Lately, Sundays have been my day to replenish (at least since football season is over- Go Saints!).  I'm currently writing my blog at home next to my dogs with the windows open allowing for a nice, cool breeze to sweep in and out.  Shortly, I am going to an arts and crafts/ farmers market nearby to peruse and enjoy the effort others have put into their own hobby.  Besides that, working out, tending the garden, and some house work are in order and I'll probably cap it off with some reading.  This to me, is a glorious day.  My husband, who never takes time for himself, is actually doing so today! He is fishing for the day with a friend.  My mom, who also never takes time for herself (they both own and operate there own business), is finally getting back on her motorcycle and taking a joy ride for the day.  How different each of our days are, but hopefully with the same results: feeling replenished and balanced and ready for the adventures that lie ahead.  I hope your Sunday is filled with YOU time, too! 


  1. I love this! I always indulge in a nap and hot bath

  2. The funny thing is I thought of you when I wrote this post. You have always been able to keep a good balance and tend to yourself when need be. When you lived here you would definitely do the nap and hot bath but you would also go back home and spend time rejuvenating there in the country and with the familiar surroundings. I always admired that about you!