When life throws you lemons....

 Since I'll be working this Saturday I had the day off today and I had a packed agenda for things I needed to get done.  It started off great with my coffee and breakfast at 6:30, and my work out at 8:20.  I had an oil change scheduled for 10:00 which I was promptly on time for only to find out that an "appointment" isn't actually an appointment.  I was told all an appointment does it let the service department know a car is being dropped off.  But for all said purposes, it is still first come first serve just like anybody else.  Honestly, I was a little annoyed by this.  Do you ever have that moment where some voice in your head is telling you to be mad just for the point of it? Well, that voice was awakened with this slight inconvenience.  Luckily, one of the local libraries is only about half a block from where I was and I had one of the projects I wanted to work on in my car.  I strolled on over to the library (still annoyed) and found a plethora of resources that I can use for the garden (and picked up a couple of novels too!).  I then found a seat in the corner of the library and worked on my project.  Before I knew it the dealership called to let me know my car was ready to be picked up and I had gotten nearly all of my project completed!

Once I left there, I proceeded to run a couple of errands and returned home to take care of things on that front.  After letting my two excited labs in the house, I put my seedlings that are still growing indoors on the porch to slowly harden them off and get ready for their debut in the yard!  In my haste, I closed the door behind me only to realize I just locked myself out of my house.  Now, a little aside here about the location of my home.  I basically have one neighbor (who works nearly sun up to sun day and is definitely not home).  Across the street is a field that is farmed with not a single person on it.  The nearest store is about a half mile down from me, albeit not far but we live on a highway that I would prefer not to walk on.  On top of this, all of my keys AND my phone were inside the house with my dogs and all of the doors and windows are locked.  I had two conscious thoughts at this time.  One was, "So what did people do before cell phones?" and the other was, "Ok, do I panic or not?!!"  (Seriously, I really did ask myself these questions).  I decided to offset any panic for a few minutes since I actually had things that I needed to get done outside.  I decided to think over my situation while I watered my front beds and my vegetable garden in the back.  If I still hadn't resolved my situation, I would then weed my garden in the front as well since I planned to do that today.  I started gardening the front and after about 4.345 minutes, low and behold, a bicyclist approaches on the street!! We very rarely have cyclist by my house (again, said highway).  Mr. Kirby, the cyclist, was kind enough to lend me his phone for a moment and my mom, who I'd given a spare key to only a month or two ago, came to my rescue.  While I waited, I got nearly everything done outside that I needed to for the day.

While, both of these incidents were minor and insignificant they could have robbed me of productivity and good spirits for the day.   I toyed with the temptation and realized just how silly I can be sometimes- I think we all have these moments.  I'm glad I didn't let those events shape my day because not only did I have a great day, but conquering those type of little insignificant feelings or illusions is what ultimately makes me into a stronger and better person.  So, when life tried to throw me a little lemon today, I didn't just make lemonade but got stuff done with sipping that sweet, refreshing lemonade.

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  1. This post made me laugh out loud. What a great outlook! And I notice plants are growing in your garden!! What an exciting spring. Thanks for writing.